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Summer is here to stay!  As excited as we are for fun in the sun, it’s important to know the hair stressors this season brings, and how to prevent and treat them.  Just like your skin, your hair can be harmed from the sun.  Extreme weather conditions, chlorinated water in swimming pools, as well as the use of heat styling tools, all contribute to making hair more prone to sun-damage. 

How does the sun damage hair?

Excessive exposure to the sun ultimately destroys the surface layer of the hair, called the hair cuticle. UV rays break down the strands’ natural proteins, leaving hair dry, brittle and stressed.  Sun rays act very much like bleach on hair--bleach reacts with the melanin in hair to remove the color, which strips the hair of its natural moisture.

This dryness leads to split ends and frizz, causing the hair to thin out and become limp, making it difficult to hold a style or a curl.  In terms of color, fading and discoloration can occur with color-treated hair, and even virgin hair.  Hair is also particularly vulnerable to sun damage if it is fine or light-colored.

But, don’t worry, the science we discover in nature enables us to create products that counteract Mother Nature herself!  Here is an effective, sun-damage prevention regime to keep your locks healthy, moisturized, and shiny all summer long.


(1)   Daily Care: Cleansers

Especially created for dry hair, use our Hydration Shampoo and Conditioner to revitalize sun-damaged hair.  Delivering a maximum punch of moisture, this creamy formula works deep into the strands to smooth hair cuticles, preventing frizz and imparting shine.

(2)   Daily Care: Treatments

After shampooing and conditioning, apply just a dab of our Leave-In Treatment to the ends. This daily treatment protects from breakage and prevents split ends, helping hair to grow longer and stronger.

If you like to blow dry and heat style your hair, use our Leave-In Treatment, our Elixir, or our Elixir Daily Hair Drops before applying heat, as the Rahua oil becomes more potent when heat is applied.

(3)   Weekly Care: Treatments

Referred to as your hair insurance, our intensive weekly hair masks rejuvenate dull, damaged hair, keeping hair strong, healthy and hydrated.

After shampooing hair, work our Omega 9 Hair Mask or our Color Full Hair Mask into hair and scalp, thoroughly massaging in for maximum penetration.  Comb through and leave in for 10-15 minutes, then rinse.

While both treatments are safe for color-treated hair, our exclusive color protection complex in our Color Full Hair Mask encapsulates pigment to enhance and extend the life of your color. 


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