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I use on dried hair since my hair is thin

My hair is thin and oil-prone. Any product that I put on wet or damp hair weighs it down once it is dry. I use this product on my fully dried hair to style. It works very well giving me volume and control. After applying and once the product is dry, I brush my hair and it's amazing how soft and uniform but subtle the hold is. Rahua if you're listening: people with thin hair like me need more styling products that can be applied to dried hair. Great product, fresh scent. Definitely recommend.

I love everything about every Rahua product I’ve ever tried!!

Coming back for more

This is my go to and it doesn’t disappoint. My hair feels so nourished, it’s incredible. Thank you Rahua!

I love that I was able to try each shampoo to make the best decision on which line I wanted to go with!

Love it!

I enjoy using this as a deep conditioner on my ends. The volumizing line works best for every day use.

Luxurious. Beyond belief how well it is absorbed and nourishes my hair without any residue.

Convenient Refills

I love the refills! A nice option to avoid more plastic bottles. I do wish there was a less messy way to use them though.

Best combo ever

I have extremely long (almost to my knees) fine, curly hair, and this shampoo and conditioner is the best I have ever used. It leaves my hair soft and clean, with no harsh scents. It works wonderfully for sensitive skin. Highly recommend!

This is the perfect way to try almost all of the shampoos and conditioners.
You won’t be disappointed in any of this product ! They’re all so amazing for the hair!

Best hair product I’ve ever used

This is hands down the best product I’ve ever used in my hair. I use it as a leave in & need no other products for styling. It makes my hair super soft & my curls are frizz free. Plus it smells amazing. It’s my favorite hair product ever.

Smells lovely but not very hydrating to my colored hair. I should have ordered differently.:/

My favorite hair product

My long wavy hair loves this product and it smells yummy! I never go without it.

My hair are so much better!

I had low porosity hair leading to dullness, hairfall. Its so much better, I can feel and see the improvement!

I didn't like that much the fragrance of the shampoo, and I could not see a hair improvement

Light weight and perfect for thinner hair, smells very good and earthy ish but clean as well. Would def buy again :) and organic clean ingredients !!!

Kind of leaves my dry.

Not sure if it really protects from heat but the smell is horrible. Love Rahua, but the SMELL in this…too much

Love the product ! It
Was recommended by Organic Bunny via IG!! This brand will not disappoint you!!

I have no words to describe Rahua’s products. Every single one is amazing. 1000% recommends
Although I have fine thin hair, I have never found a volume shampoo that works for me. This was the first that cleans without strip the hair. I am in love

I have no words to describe Rahua’s products. Every single one is amazing. 1000% recommends

Great exfoliation. I have no words to describe Rahua’s products. Every single one is amazing. 1000% recommends

I have no words to describe Rahua’s products. Every single one is amazing. 1000% recommends

first time i used it it felt so waxy on the hair it was the oddest feeling.. second time i used it i had just gotten my color done and i saw it come out as i was rinsing the shampoo out so didn’t enjoy that. seems to dry my hair out just a tad but i’ve put moisturizing products in it to help with that since it is a voluminous shampoo. probably won’t buy again but i’ve enjoyed having them knowing i’m not putting toxic chemicals on my hair! also LOVE the smell , reminds me of this resort in mexico :)

i like the conditioner more than the shampoo, really nice texture, not too heavy and seems to work well with my extensions.. as far as i can tell right now.

Amazing volume, non sticky