Rahua Shamanistic - Professional Hair and Scalp Treatment

Rahua Shamanistic

Professional Hair and Scalp Treatment

This Salon-Exclusive Promo Package Includes:

  • 1 16 oz. container of base treatment – Part 1 (Retail value $100)
  • 1 full size bottle of Rahua Elixir – Part 2 (Retail value $175)
  • 1 stick of Palo Santo wood (natural incense) to burn
  • Newsletter template and artwork, ready to be emailed as a Rahua Salon. Collaboration, which would include Rahua, Salon Name and Logos
  • Instructions on how to perform this In-Salon Treatment

Shamanistic Professional Treatment Benefits for Clients:

  • Dry Scalp Treatment – This treatment balances scalp mantel (moisturizes and soothes dry scalp, eliminates dandruff and treats mild cases of psoriasis)
  • Dry & Damaged Hair Treatment – Rich in omega 9, repairs damaged and over processed hair
  • Relaxation – Helps to unwind with a relaxing scalp massage while experiencing the aroma therapeutic scent of (sprit-cleansing) Palo Santo

Shamanistic Professional Treatment Benefits for Salon:

  • Offers a compelling reason for clients to come in for the treatment and share their experience with friends
  • This revolutionary Rahua treatment sparks conversation geared towards eco-friendly products and natural, healthy ingredients, ecocentric & sustainable lifestyle.
  • Puts you and your salon in the driver's seat on the natural movement, as an authority on hair and healthy products.
  • Great add on service (especially post color!) Suggested service price is $75 / €60 / £50
  • Kit is approximately for 15-20 treatment applications, depending on hair length
* Limited one package per salon