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Aloe Vera Hair Gel
Sandra Leon (Brooklyn, New York, United States)
frizz controller

This gel helps to control frizz and is gentle on your hair.

Hydration Essential Hair Care Set
Tracey Stinchfield (Oakland, California, United States)
I Love Rahua Haircare!

Finally found the best hair care ever! The hydrating shampoo and conditioner leave my hair shiny, smooth and moisturized. All of these results plus a healthy bounce! I'm so thankful I discovered Rahua!

Scalp Exfoliating Shampoo
Jessica S (York, Pennsylvania, United States)
Love it!!

My scalp always feels so renewed and fresh and clean when I use this! I have issues with psoriasis on the edge of my hairline and about an inch in from my hairline on the edge of my scalp and when I use this it helps exfoliate all the dead skin off and clears it up in no time! I just love the fresh clean feeling that it gives my scalp and the fact that I can feel my scalp breathe better after it.

Color Full™ Shampoo
Sandra Mans (Albany, New York, United States)
Color Full Shampoo

Color Full Shampoo is a regular part of my hair routine. I have used it for years and love the results!

Hydration Conditioner
Mayela (Sacramento, California, United States)
Best conditioner

This conditioner is really good together with the hydrating shampoo, I'm impressed how soft and shine my hair is, I love the classic conditioner too, that one left my hair so soft, healthy looking and shine. I wish Rahua make all the shampoo and conditioner in 32oz. instead of 14oz. It will be great for a family. Rahua is the best of the best brand for organic products, I truly recommend it and I become a loyal customer. I'm been using different organic brands and so far Rahua is the number one and I always return to Rahua. No more change for me. If you have curly hair try hydrating shampoo and conditioner, but all their shampoo and conditioner are really good.

Hydration Shampoo Lush Pump
Lisa Sarenduc (Tucson, Arizona, United States)
Best shampoo of my long life!

I've been using only Hydration Shampoo since I discovered it 3 years ago, along with Hydration Conditioner. It makes my hair feel great, it smells wonderful and the ingredients are healthful and awesome. Nothing better.

Classic Shampoo Lush Pump
Brittany Angley (Burlington, Wisconsin, United States)
Incredible stuff!

I've been using this brand for years, I love them so much and my hair feels so soft and clean. Best brand I've ever used.

Aloe Vera Hair Gel
Samantha (Denver, Colorado, United States)
Best Hair Gel

This hair gel is perfect for my fine dry dull curly hair. It gives me curls the perfect amount of hold and makes my hair soft and shiny. It feels stronger too and keeps my hair looking frizz free.

Hydration Detangling Travel Rituals
Lionsgate (Orinda, California, United States)
Hydration Shampoo & Conditioner

I love the Hydration Shampoo, and Conditioner. I purchased as samples to try.
This Combination leaves my hair with a shine, and softness, but not limp.
Smells Clean and Fresh.
Will purchase in the larger size next time.

Shower Gel
Lionsgate (Orinda, California, United States)
Shower gel

The Shower Gel has a wonderful scent of Palo Santo-which I love.
Lathers up nicely, and leaves skin soft and glowing.
I will definitely purchase again!

Scalp Exfoliating Shampoo Deluxe Mini
Laura J (Munising, Michigan, United States)
Glad to have a travel size

I am so happy to have a travel size as I travel frequently. This product is great for weekly or biweekly scalp cleansing

Voluminous Shampoo Refill
Maire (Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States)
Great shampoo for volume

I really like this refill pouch! Grateful to not buy another plastic bottle. This is my second purchase of this shampoo. I have fine and straight hair and am always in need of good volume products. I really like this shampoo! I am sensitive to a lot of ingredients commonly found in cosmetics, this shampoo does not irritate my skin and gives a good lather. A little goes a long way, my first bottle lasted me six months. Cleans hair well, hair stays clean longer, it doesn’t get oily as fast. It also smells refreshing and lovely. Gives my hair the weightless body I want with healthy ingredients that keep hair healthy and shiny. One of my favourite shampoos! I also started using the volume conditioner. And this shampoo feels luxurious and beautiful, while being healthy and clean. So nice to have in my hair care routine.

Leave-In Treatment
Joanna Barney (Chesterland, Ohio, United States)
Love it!

My crazy curly hair loves this product! Just wish the bottle was jar was bigger!

Voluminous Essential Hair Care Set
Laura J (Munising, Michigan, United States)
Fine gray limp hair

My hair has gotten baby fine since it went gray and has no body anymore. This shampoo and conditioner gives me a little lift. Love the scent!

Scalp Exfoliating Shampoo
Laura J (Munising, Michigan, United States)
Use this every week or so to deep clean

I use this shampoo every 1-2 weeks to deep clean my oily scalp. Please note that the product is much thinner that other Rahua shampoos, so be careful when you are pouring it out of the bottle.
It has a great scent and I feel that it does a nice detox on my scalp!

Voluminous Dry Shampoo
Laura J (Munising, Michigan, United States)
Fine gray hair prone to oiliness

aI have long fine gray hair. I have tried other high end dry shampoos but my hair especially the scalp area was still getting oily to quickly and I was tired of having to wash my hair everyday. I love this product!!!! My hair lasts for 2-3 days between washes depending on how vigilant I am with daily application. I have been using this for a month. I am hoping as my hair recovers from using chemical laden hair products that this will improve.
And I absolutely love the scent!!!!!

Classic Shampoo
Geralene Thurnau (Clayton, North Carolina, United States)
stressed thin dry hair now shiny & soft!

Rahua classic shampoo offers more shine & body for fine, grey hair! I use the voluminous conditioner afterwards. ( I started with voluminous shampoo but hair was still too dry.) wish I had requested a sample of classic conditioner ! I now use Omega 9 weekly and the results are fabulous!!!

Aloe Vera Hair Gel
Louise (Hagerstown, Maryland, United States)
The hair product I've always been missing

This Aloe hair gel, is by far the best hair product I've ever used in my hair. I have a lot of very fine, frizzy, wavy-ish hair and this gel is the best thing I've ever put in it. I'm very sensitive to ingredients and fragrances/smells in products, to the point where I get migraines, even with a lot of natural products. I don't think there are any products in the Rahua line that have given me that problem, but this gel is the simply perfect, it tames my frizz and simplifies my hair care routine. As long as its sold, I will be buying it. I use this along with the classic shampoo and conditioner, & Omega 9 hair mask. Thank you for making such amazing products!

Hydration Detangler + UV Barrier
Elvira Walker (Huntington Beach, California, United States)
Hydration detangler

I love this product. Protects my hair without weighing it down or changing the texture and dulling the cuticle. All Rahua products do what it says it will do. No regrets!


Loving this oil. It’s not overly greasy and it smells nice too. It offers shine and a little bit of control to tame the frizzies. Been through several bottles already. I have coarse curly hair.

Healthy Microbiome Scalp Set (La Conner, Washington, United States)

I am very happy that I decided to try Rahua hair products. I have very sensitive skin and my scalp would burn from all of the hair products I have tried in the past. For the first time in many years of trying to find something that could give my scalp some relief, I have found such an amazing product that I will continue to use and be thankful for. I can't wait to try more of Rahua's products in the near future. If you are hesitant to buy these wonderful products, rest a sure, you will be happy, you decided on trying this Scalp Set!!!!!

Aloe Vera Hair Gel
Martin O'Connor (Chester, New Jersey, United States)
Hair gell

Amazing. Love it

Holly Helt (Phoenix, Arizona, United States)
Can’t live without it!

Lasts FOREVER…using 3 drops daily with extensions and every other day without. My hair has grown sooo much, no longer splitting, holds color until roots need it (miracle for redhead!) and kept extensions in great shape so I could use them 3 months longer than expected! Photo is 16 weeks into extension refit!!

Hydration Conditioner
Jen (Hammond, Indiana, United States)
Love this Conditioner!!!

Absolutely a favorite of mine when it comes to conditioners. I love that it’s clean but it does hydrate as well. I have coarse hair so the more moisture the better!!

Omega 9 Hair Mask
Cathy Fogelman (New Orleans, Louisiana, United States)

Great stuff not greasy