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Legendary Amazon Oil™
Anonymous (Paisley, Scotland, United Kingdom)
Life saver for bleached hair

I've been bleaching my hair for 1 year and a half and my hair has been feeling super dry on the ends. Wanted to try this hair oil for a few years now and finally decided to cave in and buy it. 100% worth the money. A little goes a long way and makes your hair feel super soft. Wouldn't trade it for anything else.

Enchanted Island™ Salt Spray
Ember (Milton, Florida, United States)
Heaven in a bottle

This is such a beautiful product all around. The frosted glass bottle is really quite nice and brings me joy to look at. It's the little things in life!! More importantly though, the product itself is amazing. I've only ever used one other salt spray and it was so awful that I never touched another one until now. This is not sticky, at all!! In fact, after adding it to lightly dampened hair, I couldn't even tell I had added any product. With that being said, I had to remind myself I was in fact adding product so I wouldn't add too much!! I allowed my hair to air dry and was completely blown away with the results.
There was a light cast that was easy to scrunch and had zero greasiness or stickiness.
I actually had to stop myself from continuing to scrunch my hair; it was just so soft!
I then went around my home forcing my fiance and son to 'appreciate my hair'. My son said it felt like a chinchilla. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Classic Conditioner
Judith Mundell (Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom)

Love how moisturising it is. I have fine hair but it’s dry as I have had the home dye dark brown bleached out to let the grey grow in. It was so frizzy and dry but this conditioner is just perfect

Fernando Hernandez (El Paso, Texas, United States)

Best shampoo ever! No frizz, soft, healthy. I am OBSESSED! Definitely will repurchase

Rahua Color Full™ Hair Mask
Jasmine B. (Henderson, Nevada, United States)
Enhances my golden brown highlights

Such a beautiful mask! It really brings out the blonde tones in my hair and leaves my hair so soft, hydrated and shiny! On top of that, it smells amazing like lilac flowers. It comes in a beautiful glass bottle which really shows the quality of the product.

Beth (Franklin, Tennessee, United States)
Love this Product Set

I have been using this shampoo and conditioner for about 2 weeks and have seen a great deal of improvement in how my hair feels, the shine and overall health of my hair. Each has been a fantastic addition to my daily hair routine.

Cream Wax
Ember (Milton, Florida, United States)

I got this as a sample with my shampoo and conditioner purchase and figured I'd give it a go. I'm in love and came back to purchase. I have curly hair and this is just the right amount of hold. My hair doesn't look or feel like it has product in it. The product itself is very creamy and feels like a nice moisturizer. I didn't experience any stickiness. I used this on damp hair AND on dry hair. Fabulous results. I highly recommend this product.

Ember (Milton, Florida, United States)

I am pleasantly surprised with this product. I read the ingredients and was curious as to whether it would actually cleanse my scalp. I was completely blown away!! I highly recommend this and will continue to use.

Hydration Detangler + UV Barrier
Fran Berg (Bradenton, Florida, United States)
Excellent producy

The shampoo smells wonderful and lathers well. It has a scrubby substance that feels good and delivers a scalp message. Left my hair soft and full of body.

Voluminous Dry Shampoo
Summer Silaghi (Xenia, Ohio, United States)
Small amount for price

Con: The dry shampoo bottle is larger than its actual contents. Very expensive for the amount of product.
Pros: Does a fantastic job at absorbing oil. Also, has a great scent to it. Would recommend if you have money to drop

Leave-In Treatment
Cat Ghan (McCall, Idaho, United States)
Leave-in Treatment

Devoted!!! It’s a beautiful product that works wonders for my thick and coarse hair which is much happier with this product!

Classic Shampoo
Janie (Wichita Falls, Texas, United States)
Exceeded expectations

Love the way my hair responds. Scalps less itchy. Need for additional product lessened. Increased shine and so far great with color retention. Other reviews that address lack of lathering don’t understand this type of shampoo. It cleanses very well without lather. No need for excess amount of product. Very happy with results.

Enchanted Island™ Shampoo Travel Size
Norma Kingsley (Charlotte, North Carolina, United States)

I love the travel sizes. Enchanted Island shampoo is wonderful.

Enchanted Island™ Conditioner
Dany (Trois-Rivières, Quebec, Canada)
Bon produit

Très satisfaite

Color Full™ Glossing Oil Mist
Helen H (Petersfield, England, United Kingdom)
Glad I tried this!

I have very fine highlighted hair and worried that this would be too heavy for my hair type. I’ve been considering purchasing the glossing oil since it launched but since it’s expensive and there’s no travel/sample size available, I’ve been waiting for the reviews. I finally decided to purchase and am thrilled that I did. Like another reviewer, I don’t spray this direct onto my hair but instead use one spritz on my hands and then distribute onto lengths and ends. Sometimes when I’ve thought I have applied too much, within ten minutes the product has fully absorbed and any greasiness has disappeared (a bit like when using a face oil). It tames frizz, defines strands and adds shine. I also think it has a slight toning effect and helps eliminate brassiness which is a huge plus for me.

Classic Shampoo Refill
Bonnie Gibson
Best we’ve found for husband

No intermittent alopecia in two years with this shampoo. Happy Husband Happy Life!

Legendary Amazon Oil™
Jill M (Medford, Oregon, United States)
Legendary Amazon Oil

This nourishing oil is beautiful for the hair. Hair looks and feels fantastic!

Omega 9 Hair Mask
Judith Mundell (Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom)
Really made a difference

After first use my hair felt great, I’ve recently had my dark dyed hair lightened to let the grey grow in, the texture of my hair was so dry. This made it soft again and had a shine after blow drying. Really happy with it

Rebecca Wyman (Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom)

I love this shampoo, it has such a gorgeous smell. I have fine, straight &oily hair, this shampoo really makes my hair feel clean while still being weightless and glossy. A big bonus for me is it's 100/100 on Yuka

Hydration Detangler + UV Barrier
Paola (Haarlem, North Holland, Netherlands)

I have fine hair, which is also damaged because bleached. It is usually unpleasant and difficult for me to detangle it, even if I use a conditioner every time I wash it.
Using this detangler has made my life way easier! It smells wonderfully, and it's really easy to comb it through. After I put it on I wait a couple of minutes and then start combing. I lose a lot less hair now, because there is almost no effort in combing it. It makes my hair super soft for days. Sometimes I also use it in between washes as a leave in treatment.
I cannot be happier with the purchase!

Love it!

My hair is less frizzy and so shiny now! It’s my new favorite!

Voluminous Spray
Kristen (Palmerton, Pennsylvania, United States)
Very good and light

Very effective for my fine hair.
It sets it beautifully. Thank you!

Enchanted Island™ Conditioner
Gillian Thomson (Orleans, Ontario, Canada)
Hair is so soft

Absolutely love this conditioner! My hair is so soft and it smells fantastic! Hair is definitely healthier after using it! Highly recommend

Classic Conditioner Refill
M.P. (Wilmington, Delaware, United States)
True palo santo scent!

Amazing smell! Love the refill packaging.

Jet Setter Kit
C (Blairsville, Pennsylvania, United States)

I wanted to give each of the shampoos/conditioners a try before buying the full size. They smell amazing and leave my scalp feeling better than any others I’ve tried.